Finding Balance

 The single most difficult challenge of my first year as a business owner has been finding balance.  I was finally doing what I loved without restriction.  Creatively my cup was spilling over.  It was exciting, but at the same time becoming overwhelming.

My brain never slept.  2 AM and I had a standing date. When the Beatz were sleep I worked.  When they got up for school I was working. When they got home from school I was working. When they went to sleep I was working.

At first they didn’t say much.  They would even ask if I needed anything. I always had a cup of ice and ice water on deck at all times 🙂 As long as I didn’t miss any football games, track meets, dance classes or recitals–they were good.

Of course this didn’t last long.

They began complaining that I worked too much. Or they would make jokes about me always working. It irritated me because I felt like they were only complaining because they were bored.

Let’s be honest, children tend to want your attention at the most inopportune times…

When they are bored!


What I soon came to realize is- they loved me being at home and at their disposal and were starting to feel neglected.  My Wife manages a retail store so there are several times during the year that she’s away from home more than she’s home with us. With one parent working outside of the home already, they were craving attention.

I decided to mirror my work schedule to my Wife’s and set aside time during the week to do whatever the Beatz wanted to do

One of their favorite things to do is hopping in bed with me to watch a movie or their favorite show.  I’ll go to the store and get their favorite candy (skittles for Dominic, sour patch kids for Donovan and sweet tarts for Amiya) and pop some popcorn. It is my chance to irritate them!  Most times we’re watching Teen Wolf or some vampire-themed show. Of course I have no idea what’s going on- so I’ll ask a million and one questions. Payback!

What I’ve learned is at the end of the day all your children want is your undivided attention.  Even if they are doing other things, when they want your attention-Give it to them.  As a parents we only have a short amount of time with them and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Be intentional about balancing your role as a Wife, Mother, and Business Owner! 




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