Journey to a Natural Me

In December 2014, I decided to do what turned out to be the most liberating thing ever:

 I cut all of my hair off

Most times when you hear of women doing the “big chop” they have been transitioning from relaxed hair to natural for a few months.  Not me!  I’d been rocking a short relaxed pixie/Halle Berry cut for years.

I’d always been told that I could rock any hairstyle.  Short, long, natural, straight, curly–it didn’t matter- I could pull off whatever style I wanted.  I decided it was time for a change.  I wasn’t going to be a scared anymore.

I finally decided to go for it!

This wouldn’t be the first time I’d gone “natural.”  I had several trial runs–LOL, but would always revert back to the relaxer aka The Creamy Crack.  You see there is always that one point in the transition where I would be like “Hell NO! I can’t do this anymore.”   It takes too much work. Too much time trying to figure out the right products.  Too much prepping!  Too many hours on bantu knots–flat twists–braiding for the perfect braid out, just for my hair to still be wet 24 hours later

It was too much WORK!

Natural Hair circa 2011

Life has a way of sitting you down and telling you that you must make a change.

Work life and my personal life were off balanced. Thus, the need for something drastic and what better way to end the year and go into the new year, with a new me?

So I did it.  I called my hairstylist and told her I wanted to cut it all off.  Of course she’s thinking you want a shorter relaxed cut?? My response: “Umm, no ma’am.  I want it all off– I’m talking clippers”

The Big Chop

 I was falling in love with this new me.  It felt good. No it felt great!  This time was different.  I didn’t transition.  There was no awkward phase. I started my journey on blank slate–almost literally.

Of course there have been bumps in the road.  I have had many days where I’ve wanted to go back to the beginning. It was easier. I was at a higher state of freedom.  But, I’ve taken it as a challenge. To learn as much about my hair. My crown. I will nurture it.

This journey to a natural me is just the beginning!


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