Reason 1365

Reason 1️⃣3️⃣6️⃣5️⃣ of why I love being a Mompreneur…

I received a call around 12:30 from Dominic’s school informing me that he’d broken out into HIVES!  Within in 10 minutes I was walking in to the office only to see my kid covered-from head to toe.  I’ve never experienced this with any of the kids, so onto the ER we go.

Turns out there’s nothing you can do other than administer Benadryl and retrace everything you’ve eaten or have touched.  Initially we weren’t sure if it was something he’d eaten at school or something at home.  However all of that changed when he called me the same time today with another outbreak.

He’s allergic to something in the cafeteria.

No more school lunch for you buddy!


Two days in a row I had to leave and go check on him. Thank God for the opportunity to work for MYSELF, from Home.

Reason 1365 of why I love being a Mompreneur–not having to ask anyone for time to take care of my kids.


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