To Kneel or To Stand

When Dominic told me the star players on his team including himself talked about taking a knee at the last game, but the coach told the whole team that if any of them did they would be kicked off the field I was filled with a multitude of emotion.

Of course anger because I am military Veteran and I’m doing my part daily on behalf of Women Veterans.

So the narrative that’s being pushed–kneeling is disrespectful to my service is at the very least ridiculous, but also I paid for him to play in the public school’s football program…

How dare you infringe on their first amendment rights, by threatening to take away what they’ve worked so hard for?

As you can imagine that invoked anger.
As a Mother, my first instinct is to protect, but I realize that mixing anger and that instinct can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Instead of calling the coach and giving him a piece of my mind, I called my Big Brother James Trapp.



As someone who has played in the NFL, is a Super Bowl Champion and is currently the Executive Director of The NFL’s Legends Community, I knew he would give his nephews and I the best advice on how to handle this.

Not only because of his experience, but because he loves them. 

He simply said “What is the value in kneeling and what is the value in standing?”

“Are you protesting and then going out doing the work?

Voting to put those in office who can affect change?

What have you done in the past to increase awareness around these issues in your own community?”

It’s easy to get caught up in the emotions and have opinions– this goes for both sides.

Friday’s Food For Thought:

After you’ve given opinions, reposted/hashtagged, and bought t-shirts

are you going to do the work?

Are you looking for a seat at the table to affect change? 

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