Meet Mompreneur and Brand Consultant

Janice Jamison

Janice is an Air Force Veteran, Wife and Mother of three beautiful kids.


Balancing life as a new business owner has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding  journeys I’ve experienced. It all began in late 2015. I’d worked in community development for a local nonprofit for almost 3 years. As unfortunate as it was to leave that life behind, I am grateful for all the experience, the knowledge (most of it self-taught), and the relationships I’d built.

I was at crossroads. Do I take my skills in marketing & community development and become a member of another organization or do I build my own? I weighed my options. Taking into account the amount of time I’d been able to dedicate to my family.

My days were now filled with school field trips, track meets, dance classes, cooking, baking and tapping into skills and talents I never knew I had.  Not to mention, the kids were thoroughly enjoying the unlimited access they had to Mommy.

Still, something was missing

In late March, I decided to go into business for myself. There were many sleepless nights. Ideas and concepts danced around my head instead of sheep. It was during one these sleepless nights that the name Melanic Opus came to me. It represents all that is me!

 A Mompreneur!

Combining my love of digital marketing, public relations, photography, writing and doing it MY way has been the best career decision I’ve ever made!


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