A Hoppin’ Breakfast

Restaurant: IHOP Main: Buttermilk Pancakes Spinach & Mushroom Omelette Sides : Red Potatoes & Peppers Drink Choice: Coffee

Tuesday’s Taste

Restaurant: Farmhaus Burger Main: Wild Turkey Burger Sides : Onion Rings Drink Choice: Girl Scout Samoas Shake   xk

It’s Sugar X Suga

A few of our favorites from our trip to It’s Sugar & some ummm… interesting candy flavored choices  

Breakfast at KeKe’s

We’d heard amazing things about KeKe’s Breakfast and they certainly did not dissappoint!   Main: Buttermilk Pancakes & French Toast Sides : Fruit Cup, Scrambled Eggs & Cheese, and Potatoes & Mushrooms Drink Choice: Coffee

Too Cute To Be Crabby

Restaurant: Joe’s Crab Shack Main: Joe’s Classic Steampot &  Crabcake Dinner Spinach & Mushroom Omelette Drink Choice : Trash Can Margarita  

Sushi Date

Restaurant: Toki Japanese Steakhouse Appetizer: Tempered Asparagus Sushi: Fried California & Spicy Tuna Main Course: Hibachi Chicken & Shrimp Drink Choice: Saki & Stella Artois

After the Game

Restaurant: Red Robin Meal Choice: Whiskey Tavern Burger Turkey Burger Side: Unlimited Fries Drink: Mint Brownie Shakes & Sweet Tea  

Restaurant: Tanner’s Big Orange Location: Greenville, South Carolina Meal Choice: 2 Hot Dog Special Side: Half & Half Drink: Famous Fruit Punch

Oven Roasted

Sunday Dinner Main: Oven Roasted Whole Chicken Sides: Macaroni and Cheese Broccoli Normandy Dessert: Red Velvet Cake Cookies  

New Adventures 

Yesterday My Love and I spent the day downtown and decided to stop into Augusta’s favorite Vegan Spot The Humanitree House This was both of our first time trying vegan food. Of course like most first timers, we were hesitant. After the first bite–we were hooked. Now I’m not saying I am going full fledge…

For The Love of Sushi

Restaurant: Takosushi Meal Choice: Spicy Tuna Roll & Crazy Susan Roll Appetizer: Tempered Asparagus