Saturdays are for the Boys

♥ There are these Boys they stole my heart and they call me MOM!


Blush & Bashful

♥ “I don’t have to wear makeup as long as I have blush”

After the Game

Restaurant: Red Robin Meal Choice: Whiskey Tavern Burger Turkey Burger Side: Unlimited Fries Drink: Mint Brownie Shakes & Sweet Tea  

2 Years Down | Forever to Go

♥ The echo of your love and the sound of the sea have a few things in common – they are both constant, soulful and eternal.

Restaurant: Tanner’s Big Orange Location: Greenville, South Carolina Meal Choice: 2 Hot Dog Special Side: Half & Half Drink: Famous Fruit Punch

Oven Roasted

Sunday Dinner Main: Oven Roasted Whole Chicken Sides: Macaroni and Cheese Broccoli Normandy Dessert: Red Velvet Cake Cookies  

The Falls X Yoga

♥ ” It doesn’t matter if things are not perfect. Our practice is the time to be alive in nature and free.”              

What The Health?

♥ “As I improved my diet, I started to learn to love my self, probably for the first time ever.” -Frank Ferrante

Game X Day

🏈 Back to the hustle and bustle of football season  

New Adventures 

Yesterday My Love and I spent the day downtown and decided to stop into Augusta’s favorite Vegan Spot The Humanitree House This was both of our first time trying vegan food. Of course like most first timers, we were hesitant. After the first bite–we were hooked. Now I’m not saying I am going full fledge…

Solar X Eclipse

♥ “Darkness tries to eclipse light, but as long as there is love shadows remain illusions and only that”