Roses X Anchors

“Can I crawl up in your arms and let the beat of your heart soothe me to sleep? Because that sounds absolutely lovely.”

Cheddar Bay & Calamari

“An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.”

6 Years Til Forever 

The scent of our love
is intoxicating
It overwhelms me
in a way that only
our eyes can

On this day…

Yes, forever does exist, but only when you find someone special who can make you see it.

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After requires hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and unconditional love. It is a never ending commitment to be the best partner you can possibly be. It’s accepting each other’s flaws and welcoming change. Happily Ever After is friendship. It’s knowing that friendship is the core. It’s the foundation of every successful marriage Happily Every…

Tuesday’s Tip X Parallel Parenting

I wish I could be completely transparent in regards to how I feel about custody issues and co-parenting, but I’m in the middle of my second custody/visitation battle, so I must tread lightly. Check back in a few months for the REAL!

Married Life X A Dope Life

Marriage is a perfectly uncoordinated dance. Sometimes it’s beautiful and other times one of you misses a step and you both fall. Fight the battles worth fighting and recognize when you’re sabotaging–even if it’s unintentional. Sometimes we think we’ve gotten rid of baggage from a previous life–a situation arises and you realize you haven’t. I…

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By far my 2 most favorite ornaments: The anchor and “Our first year” The Anchor symbolizes security, stability, and being grounded. It is a symbol demonstrating that a person is in tune with themselves and hold on to the values they believe in. The anchor represents always having a safe place to go home to….

Love X Mexican

Date Night Fave: Teresa’s Mexican Restaurant Meal of Choice: Mixed Fajita’s for Two Drink of Choice: Margarita